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Google Pixel, Celsius Energy, and Polar Bottle

are a few of the brand-centric companies that we have had the pleasure of working with. We often classify a company as a "Brand" by the way they choose to market their product. When creating content for a "Brand", we focus on three main things.


1.  Story


Story based content allows you to connect with your consumers on a universal scale. We are able to create stories that emotionally engage the brain, heighten auditory function, and stimulate neurons associated with different activities being presented.

2. Message

We make sure that each piece of content aligns perfectly with its brand's message by intuitively listening to our client's vision.

3. Consumer Perspective

Your end goal is our first goal. We offer feedback outside of your brand's industry and keep a fresh customer perspective in mind throughout the entire project.


Average between $1000-$10,000 per video.



We provide individual quotes on a per-project basis to provide the most cost-effective service within your budget.

There are a number of factors in the pricing of a brand video including but not limited to:


Talent & Location Acquisition

Equipment & Crew Cost

Shoot Time & Edit Length

Music Licensing & Software


Interested in a quote? Give us a call, email, or fill out the form here.

Phone: (512) 808-6646


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