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I don’t often tell my story.


Which is ironic because I run a storytelling company ; so here‘s my story in short:

I love Jesus,
I grew up in Austin, TX.
I dropped out of highschool to
Start a video production company in 2017.

A year later, I married the love of my life.

My first experience in construction was in May of 2019, making a video for Cash Construction Company.

I was absolutely clueless about the industry aside from the stereotypes that people usually throw on it.

I very quickly (and unexpectedly) fell in love with construction though. I found that the people are kind, the work is incredible, and the opportunity to create good change is massive.

I still do a lot of photo and video production outside of the construction industry, but the construction industry has opened the door for me to combine all of my marketing skills and create solutions for some incredible companies nationwide.

All glory to God.

- Daniel Yates (CEO, Media On Edge)

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