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We love the people. We love the work.

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"People-First Marketing" for blue collar companies who aren't afraid of transparency. We focus on telling your story to foster company growth.

About Us:

After finishing highschool, Daniel Yates started Media On Edge, originally just a video production company based in Austin, Texas. We started out taking on projects wherever we could get them but within two years, we had fallen face first into the construction industry and couldn't get enough of it.


"As a kid, I was never exposed to old fashioned, hard work. Although I disliked the classroom environment and loved learning with my hands, I never considered blue collar work. The minute I put on a hard hat and stepped onto the construction site, I realized that so many kids are missing out on this option."

Now we are in the business of helping construction companies grow. Whether it's through building websites, capturing photos, documenting with video, or building transparent brand awareness on social media, we are all in. We don't want to be "just another contractor". We want to be a useful partner, willing to work with the resources and time that you have.

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